Fasted workouts and fun

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to do three workouts during my 24 hour fast. And that’s exactly what I did. I pushed myself, plowed through the pain, and got it done. During the endeavor I decided to do some post-workout thoughts and summary to get an idea of what I was experiencing… What are [...]

tomorrow’s 3-a-day w/o plan

Sup fam - as a start to the new youtube channel: The Edge of Comfort, I'm gonna be pushing myself through a full day of exercise, spending more time in one 16-hour window than I have on any given week within the last 3 months. goal: to push myself beyond my current physical limits all [...]

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Day 14? So I guess that makes 2 fulls weeks... What have I learned in these two weeks? Time spent per post is irrelevant. Subject matter of the post is kind of important, but negligible at best. How hard you shill is very important. And having a strong title plus posting at the right time [...]

Easy? Who said it’d be easy???

Day 13 I’ve noticed a trend with the last few posts. That being that no matter the content, if I don’t use enough tags, I don’t link out to other sources, and I don’t post at the right time of day… I get NO traction. On some levels that doesn’t matter. I’m typing about things [...]

12 of 30: Cross Training examples

Look at any high tier athlete and you’re likely to find someone who cross-trains in the off season. Just like anything else, if you looks the discipline and focus it’s probably you won’t be in the peak for your upcoming season/cycle of competitions. As we know here, I like alpine skiing. So I want to [...]

Be flexible, yet steadfast

YOU DROVE ME TO THIS!!! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUSH A MAN!!!!!!! Especially when you didn't comment like I was hoping you would... Enjoy post 11 of 30 Alright, whether you’re 13 or 30, young or old, man or woman, life is gonna throw some curveballs. It’s gonna throw that wrench. Hopefully, you [...]

5 roads I’d love to tackle on a motorcycle

Post 9 ~ yeehaw! For this one I really wanted to stay on the topic of motorcycles. It’s the right time of year to be getting out and enjoying the wind, sun, and views that are afforded by the freedom of 2 wheels. As this page is devoted to mountain based fitness, athletics, etc., I [...]